Kasina’s Top 5 Web Sites for USA Financial Advisors: Variable Annuities

Top Variable Annuity Providers Ranked By Quality of Advisor Web Sites

New York, (September 9, 2009) — kasina, a strategic consulting firm for the insurance and financial services industry, announced the results of its latest study, “Top 5 Web Sites for Financial Advisors: Variable Annuities.”

With this study, kasina leveraged its Web expertise and deep understanding of the needs of the advisor community in order to identify the five most competitive firms in the variable annuity (VA) Web space. kasina identified the top firms by assessing how effectively a firm’s Web presence delivers in the areas of availability, quality, and user experience.

The top five Web sites for financial advisors in the variable annuities space belong to: AXA Distributors, LLC, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Pacific Life, and SunAmerica.

This year’s top five edged out the competition with a mixture of strong product content, analysis, book-of-business support, and high overall quality and usability. Eric Daugherty, kasina’s Director of Research, says, “Coming out of a very challenging period, and with press and clients focusing more on annuity-like products and solutions, we expect firms with high-quality Web sites to have an advantage in the marketplace. The Web’s scalability and reach will allow these firms to drive efficiency, innovation and, ultimately, cash flows into their businesses.”

With nearly 1,500 products competing in the variable annuity space, assets down 24 percent from 2007 to 2008, and flows into annuity products down over 30 percent since 2007, firms are striving to transform their businesses. kasina surveyed a majority of the 25 top-selling variable annuity providers, including nine of the top 15 largest (based on assets). These firms collectively account for $800 billion in assets. During the survey process, several key questions arose:

  • How can we maintain a high-level of service for our existing clients?
  • How do we better spread the message about ourselves and our products?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from the myriad other VA players?

For many, answering these questions means finding ways to achieve more (often with fewer resources). One way for firms to do this is by cultivating advisor relationships and assets via the Web.

kasina’s “Top 5 Web Sites for Financial Advisors: Variable Annuities” includes firms who distinguished themselves by employing a variety of Web features, including microsites, product filtering systems, automated forms, calculators, marketing materials and support, advisor sales support, application wizards, and comprehensive market commentary.

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