H1N1: Is Your Business Prepared for the Fall?

August, 2009 – Public health officials are busy preparing for what could be a new wave of H1N1 flu cases as students return to school, and the regular flu season begins in the fall. But it seems that many companies don’t feel the same urgency to prepare. Up to 87 per cent of Canadian companies still don’t have a contingency plan to deal with a situation like a pandemic, according to a recent survey by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

The case for a business pandemic plan is strong in the midst of what has become the world’s first pandemic in 40 years. In a moderately severe pandemic, the Public Health Agency of Canada predicts that between 15% and 35% of Canadians could become ill, 34,000 to 138,000 individuals may need to be hospitalized, and between 11,000 and 58,000 deaths could occur.

The agency says businesses should plan for one-third to a half of their workers being absent for about two weeks at the height of a severe pandemic, which could last about eight weeks.

Cowan invites you to read our Pandemic Planning Special Bulletin, where we provide advice and tips on intervention and communication strategies during the three stages:

  • Pre-Pandemic
  • Pandemic
  • Post-Pandemic

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