Damage Investigation Caused by August 20, 2009 Tornadoes in Vaughan Ontario: ICLR & UWO

A team including Murray Morrison, Eri Iizumi, Craig Miller, Gregory Kopp, from the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, University of Western Ontario, London, ON conducted a damage investigation following the Tornadoes of August 20 which touched down near Toronto and then write a report about their findings.

From that investigation and analysis, it is believed that two separate tornadoes are responsible for the damage in Woodbridge near Martin Grove Rd. and Highway 7, and the damage off of Jane St. between Teston Rd. and Major Mackenzie Dr. Damage indicators at
both sites are consistent with F2 tornadoes. Several repeated failures were observed, and these are also discussed. Read the report (Pdf, 16 pages, many pictures)

With funding by ICLR, this team conducts damage investigations at event sites, aiding Environment Canada in working to determine if a tornado touched down, its suspected intensity, as well as investigations of the impact on structures to determine how homes etc. can be built to better withstand high wind events.

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