L’Unique General Insurance and Policy Works to exchange commercial-lines data electronically

Montreal, QC – July 29, 2009 – L’Unique General Insurance is pleased to announce that it has joined Policy Works Inc.’s Certified Data Exchange Partner (CDEP) program to exchange commercial-lines data electronically with its brokers. The first phase, to be completed this August, will be the upload of commercial insurance risk information from the Policy Works Commercial Management System (CMS) to a L’Unique web quoting site.

“For L’Unique, our business relationship with our brokers has always been our priority, with the goal of offering our clients the best service and products tailored to their needs. This new electronic data exchange process will greatly simplify the transmission of information between L’Unique and our brokers, which will certainly be beneficial to all” says Bruno Perrino, Vice President of Commercial Insurance at L’Unique General Insurance.

“We are very excited to have L’Unique General Insurance join our CDEP program to exchange commercial-lines data electronically,” states Michel Vigeant, Vice President Sales and Business Development. “L’Unique shares our vision of bringing electronic workflows to the independent broker distribution network in Quebec.”

The integration is expected to be completed in the summer of 2009. The Policy Works Certified Data-Exchange Partner (CDEP) program ensures that commercial data is exchanged between insurers and Policy Works in an accurate, reliable, and secure manner. Policy Works Inc. and all CDEP partners are committed to working with the CSIO standards.

About L’Unique General Insurance

L’Unique General Insurance has been involved in property and casualty insurance for more than 30 years. As a wholly owned subsidiary of La Capitale assurances g�n�rales, L’Unique has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. In 2008, its volume approaches 100 million dollars and it employs 125 people throughout the province of Quebec. www.lunique.qc.ca.

About Policy Works Inc.

Since 1992, Policy Works Inc. has been leading the development of Commercial Management Systems (CMS) for the Canadian insurance industry. Policy Works streamlines the commercial-lines workflow to manage the entire policy lifecycle efficiently and effectively. www.policyworks.com.