New Technology Increases Productivity: eMarketer

Working all the time a good thing?

JULY 23, 2009 – Workplace technology may be a boon for work and family life.

According to staffing firm Kelly Services� �Global Workforce Index,� 78% of workers in the US and Canada believed that gadgets such as laptop computers and mobile phones increased their productivity.

Over one-half felt much more productive. Only 2% said it made them worse workers.

The opinion was shared across generations�75% of baby boomers, 79% of Generation X and 78% of Generation Y felt they were more productive.

“Technology provides greater flexibility in working arrangements and a better balance between work and personal life,” said George Corona of Kelly Services.

More than seven in 10 workers from all countries considered the ability to work outside of the office a positive development. Even more (87%) thought an office telecommuting policy would be attractive to them as employees.

In addition, 30% in North America, 33% in Europe and 41% in the Asia-Pacific region agreed that they were working longer hours because of mobile communications.

New technology increases productivity for most and could add a little balance to the work and personal life relationship.

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