CDRG Red Teams now equipped with the first intelligent dehumidifier

CDRG to announce new member in BC on July 23rd and new member in New Brunswick on August 6th

Dri-Eaz® LGR 2800i reduces humidity in enclosed structural environments by removing water vapor from the air. The LGR 2800i is engineered to be rugged, durable and highly port- able, making it ideally suited for water damage restoration, structural drying, construction, and other applications requiring temporary, high-performance dehumidification


  • First portable LGR with built-in remote sensing capability
  • View minute-by-minute jobsite temp, RH, grain depression online anywhere
  • Set up automatic alarms � and get notified by text message and e-mail
  • Thoroughly document job progress


  • Make better drying decisions
  • Allocate personnel and equipment more effectively
  • Track dehu inventory automatically

Is your job site drying?

Know instantly. The HygroTrac system can notify you within minutes if the site isn’t drying as you expected, either by e-mail or by text messages sent to your cell phone.>Improve your techniques

Use HygroTrac real-time feedback to adapt your drying techniques on the fly. Maximize your efficiency by using the right approach for each situation.

Dispatch resources efficiently

Control personnel and transportation costs by dispatching techs and equipment exactly when and where they’re needed..

Assure your client

Your client wants to know when the job will be done. HygroTrac data helps you to estimate drying times more accurately and to know � really know � when the drying is complete.

Simplify insurance claims

Working with insurers? HygroTrac helps you provide the information insurers need to process the claim quickly. Xactimate now includes use of the HygroTrac as a line item in its cost estimation software.

Document work completed

Every data point of your drying procedure is recorded on the HygroTrac secure server and permanently stored by job title number. Download the data for analysis and documentation and archive it for future reference � even develop case studies for staff training.

CDRG will be equipping their Red teams with this latest technology. We also hope everyone is enjoying the summer season.

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