Seneca College CFS Announces New Property & Casualty General Insurance Program

The P&C Industry is Running out of New Blood!!

Regardless of the competition among insurers, brokers and other stakeholders in the insurance industry, the one thing everyone whole-heartedly agrees on is that the number of agents and brokers is dwindling. Our hair is graying or falling out altogether and we are retiring at a faster rate than we are being replaced.

In short we are facing an aging population of P&C field representatives which will lead to a serious labour shortage in the near future.

“We have had insurers and brokers calling us and saying that they were going to have a labour shortage” said Sam Albanese, Insurance Industry Director for the Centre for Financial Services.

In response to this dilemma, Seneca College, Centre for Financial Services, has launched a comprehensive 14 week Property and Casualty course. Initial interest in the new program has been very positive and Seneca has already started its first class this past May.

Students not only complete their licensing but they learn how the P&C industry operates. They are coached to develop critical sales, marketing, and customer service skills. In 14 weeks the student will graduate with:

  1. RIBO or OTL License
  2. Course in Risk Management, IIC-C130
  3. Sales and Marketing course for Insurance Professionals (IBAC)
  4. Customer Service for the Insurance Professional (IBAC)
  5. Canadian Accredited Insurance Brokers Program (IBAC)

After the first 7 weeks, the students will write their RIBO or OTL license exam. Upon successful completion, they will gain hands-on experience in a broker�s office through a co-op placement. For the remaining 7 weeks, they will take classes in the morning and spend each afternoon in the broker�s office.

“This will give both the student and co-op provider an opportunity to assess each other to see if there is a fit ” says Sam Albanese.

About Seneca College, Centre for Financial Services

For further information and to enroll, please visit our website or call Lori Pinder at 416-491-5050 ext 2015 or Sam Albanese at 416-491-5050 ext. 2048.