Truly affordable health and dental benefits with significant tax savings: Maclagan

MARKHAM, ON, July 8 2009 – Maclagan Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new enVia Benefits Program to meet the benefit protection needs of self-employed individuals, as well as employer groups of any size. It is also available to Contract or Part-time employees.

The Program includes comprehensive Health and Dental Benefits designed to “freeze” costs while providing significant tax savings to self-employed individuals. The enVia Health Spending Account (eHSA) allows an individual to claim a much broader range of Health and Dental expenses when compared to “traditional” group insurance plans. An “HSA” is equivalent to a “Medical & Dental Bank Account” established for each participant. The enVia HSA covers a wide range of medical & dental expenses with 100% reimbursement up to the amount contributed. Eligible expenses include prescription drugs, routine and major dental expenses, massage therapy, laser-eye surgery, in vitro fertilization, cosmetic surgery, expenses related to “special needs children”, etc.

The Program includes a pay direct drug & dental card. There is no Health Evidence requirement or pre-existing condition exclusion for the HSA. It automatically includes $25,000 of Catastrophic Insurance per person per year on top of the eHSA.

The enVia Benefits Program offers the following additional optional benefits: Disability Income Protection; Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance; A Critical Illness Recovery Program; Life Insurance; Travel Insurance and more!

About Maclagan Inc.

Maclagan Inc. (an Employee Benefit Consulting Firm) in conjunction with Canadian Benefit Administrators(CBA) a Third Party Administrator of health & welfare programs and Esorse Corporation, a claim adjudication firm offers the individual enVia HSA Program to self-employed individuals as well as employer groups.