Self-serve baggage tagging for air travellers starts July 1, 2009: Transport Canada

June 25, 2009 – OTTAWA – The Government of Canada is responding to the needs of passengers and the aviation industry by allowing self-serve baggage tagging at airports across the country, Canada’s Transport Minister, John Baird, announced today.

“This innovative approach, a first in North America, is a positive move for travellers, air carriers and airports,” said Baird. “The self-serve baggage tagging is designed to maintain high levels of security and oversight. It also helps passengers reduce the time they spend checking in, and allows airports and airlines to use their resources more efficiently.”

Self-serve baggage tagging lets passengers print their own baggage tags at airport kiosks and attach them to their checked bags, rather than waiting for an airline attendant to do it. This option saves passengers time, reduces lineups and helps airlines control costs without compromising security. It also frees up valuable space that would otherwise be required for additional check-in counters.

Successful trials at Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver international airports over the past three years have shown that self-serve baggage tagging, used in conjunction with new and existing security requirements, is as safe and secure as conventional tagging by airline attendants. Passengers, airlines and airport operators have all responded positively to the convenience of the self-serve option at these airports, where conventional baggage tagging remains available.

As of July 1, 2009, Transport Canada will permit self-serve baggage tagging at all Canadian airports. Some airlines, with the support of local airport authorities, plan to expand the service to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa and Halifax international airports. Once successfully implemented at these airports, self-serve baggage tagging may be introduced at more airports across Canada. Transport Canada is online at