How CRM has failed insurance: BlueSun

CRM was introduced as a tool that would improve customer service while increasing sales by maintaining all client data in a single location. The life insurance industry has been slow to adopt CRM, with many well documented project and ROI failures.

Our analysis points to a number of reasons including:

  • Business factors that are peculiar to the life insurance industry
  • Functionality requirements peculiar to the life insurance vertical that make horizontal CRM a poor
  • General weaknesses in typical CRM packages
  • The policy-centric nature of legacy administration systems and processes

Read this whitepaper for further analysis of why CRM has had such a low take-up and why it often disappoints in terms of ROI and business impact.

Insurance companies need to understand the objectives and requirements clearly when considering CRM. Trusting that a solution will have everything “out-of-the-box” rather than matching solution capabilities with requirements can lead to costly and ineffective projects. There are unique requirements of insurance that need to be considered and choosing a vendor with a good track record in your industry may make the most sense.

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