illustrate inc: Actuarial Community Making a Real Difference!

Actuaries can make a difference in the world in many ways, and last Fall several actuaries decided to create a different world for children and families in Kamuda Uganda.

The Actuaries Club of Toronto undertook to contact its membership to raise the $15,000 necessary for drilling a well like the one in the photograph below, where children are able to feel cold fresh water run through their fingers for the first time in their lives.

Thanks to generous donors, a village in Uganda enjoys fresh, clear water today for the first time in its history.

The effort, which begun back in the Fall in the midst of global financial turmoil to raise the $15,000 necessary for the well, has been completed � and we are grateful to all involved.

To read more and to see a photograph of children celebrating a new well, click here.

Special thanks go out to Peter Patterson, Yvonne Cheng and everyone at Illustrate Inc for all their hard work in organizing this special event.

We, and the children, are grateful to illustrate inc for their energy and resources, to companies like AXIS, Guy Carpenter & Co., RBC Insurance, Royal Sun Alliance, Swiss Re, and Valani Consulting for their financial support, and to the host of individual actuaries who really pulled this off!

Albert Tiw, ACT – Executive

Collectively we made a positive difference to many lives.

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