New Claims Handling Platform from CDRG

Ottawa, May 14th 2009 — The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group, the country’s largest independent network of high-quality disaster restoration experts, is now giving its loyal clients more power when it comes to getting their property claims handled. CDRG RUSHXPERT is a the newest business endeavor of CDRG and it caters to the client’s response time. “We want to provide a one stop Live Call Centre for our clients, while servicing the specific need of each policyholder,” said Simon Frigon, President and founder of CDRG, “Our goal is to fill a void in the restoration industry and provide more options when it comes to claim mitigation.”

Why “RUSH” you might ask. It’s simple we are “R”estoring, “U”rban, “S”tructures and “H”abitat. Over the years, we all have a tendency to become somewhat complacent. However, we believe that by integrating new platforms such as RUSHXPERT we are creating a renewed sense enthusiasm for our members and clients.

At CDRG we understand the disaster restoration business and surround ourselves with great team members and walk the talk. Ethics and honesty are number 1, followed by hard work. We are building much more than a brand; we are raising the awareness of claims handling solutions which includes the policyholder’s surroundings. We are changing the industry by storm.


Human habitat is the environment in which human beings live, work, play and move about. It is not just an abode – a dwelling – but the sum of all factors that constitute the total environment.

Look for the exclusive member and client launch of in the summer of 2009.

About CDRG

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