Damages caused by high winds: Policyholder information from the IBC

MONTREAL, May 14 2009 – The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) would like to advise residents affected by the recent high winds that most home and automobile insurance policies cover property damage caused by this type of meteorological event.

However, due to the many different choices available to policyholders with regard to home insurance coverage, it is strongly recommended that policyholders who have incurred damage contact their insurer or broker as soon as possible to verify the extent of their coverage. Some losses, such as damage to outdoor swimming pools for example, are not necessarily included in basic home insurance policies. Futhermore, trees and shrubs damaged by the wind are not usually covered either.

The IBC would also like to remind policyholders that damage sustained by automotive vehicles is covered under car insurance policies if they have purchased “all risk” protection, “comprehensive” coverage or “specified perils” protection.

People affected by those events should take all necessary precautions to protect their property and avoid further damages.The IBC also advises policyholders to keep all receipts and bills for expenses incurred due to wind damage and to take photographs or videotape footage of damaged property.

On a final note, it is always preferable, no matter the extent of the damage sustained or the insurance coverage purchased, for policyholders to contact their insurer of broker. For any other information, the Insurance Information Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Policyholders can also call (514) 288-4321 or 1 877 288-4321 or visit our Website at www.infoassurance.ca. for answers or information.

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