FBL Financial Group, Inc. Cuts Policy Production Time by 80% and Improves Speed-to-Market with Automated Document Management: Oracle Insurance

FBL Financial Group, Inc., a West Des Moines, Iowa-based insurance holding company, faced the challenges of 20-year old document creation and publication technology that impeded the efficiency of business processes and slowed time-to-market for new policies and documentation. The company wanted to consolidate document creation and enable publishing in one enterprisewide, standardized system to drive policy production and meet regulatory requirements. FBL selected Oracle Documaker to ensure consistent branding and corporate look and feel of documents, position the company as Web-based and portable, and meet recovery time objectives for business continuity.

The Oracle solution provided FBL with WYSIWYG (�what you see is what you get�) features and a complete document package in PDF to electronically file with state regulators-improving the insurer�s accuracy and accelerating time-to-market. Since implementing Oracle Documaker, FBL automated 90% of production of annuity administration policies and reduced the production time of annuity administration policies by 80%. FBL was also able to reassign resources and employees to other tasks by leveraging new processes, workflows, and technologies that improved business efficiency and positioned the company for future growth.

Full case study: http://www.oracle.com/customers/snapshots/fbl-financial-group-documaker-case-study.pdf.

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