Russell�s LifePoints Portfolios client statement earns 2009 DALBAR Communications Seal

Wednesday, 25 March 2009 – TORONTO – Russell Investments Canada Limited has been recognized by DALBAR for its Russell LifePoints Portfolios quarterly client statements. The DALBAR Communications Seal is awarded to financial service communications that display excellence in meeting the needs of customers, and recognizes the importance of communicating in a manner that is calculated to be understood by the average investor.

“The Russell LifePoints Portfolios quarterly statement is designed to help clients track their progress as they invest towards their goals. We are very pleased that an organization with such a tremendous level of expertise in evaluating participant statements has recognized Russell for our success in this area,” says Irshaad Ahmad, President and Managing Director of Russell Investments Canada Limited.

“It is our goal to consistently develop tools and resources that offer added levels of value that are easy to comprehend to our clients.”

According to DALBAR, Russell�s LifePoints client statements display above-average qualities in key elements of statement content and design.

“One of the most welcomed improvements noted in the new Russell LifePoints statement has been the introduction of goal tracking reminders, and the importance of meeting regularly with a financial advisor to ensure investments are on track especially given the current market conditions” said Jody Bullen, Director of Strategy and Public Relations at DALBAR.

“Another significant improvement has been the addition of smart messages and promotion of services and options available. By including this information the firm opens up to potential added business, as clients are made aware of products/services that are relevant to their personal situation. The blue revolving text box informs clients on various issues related to their account such as new tools or products available. Furthermore, there is messaging that directs clients to the website and alerts them on market commentary, research and availability on news and updates, strengthening the overall statement and initiates a call to action.”

The standards for the DALBAR Communications Seal are based upon 15 years of conducting customer surveys, collecting a vast inventory of communications used in financial services, studying industry innovation, and monitoring regulatory changes.

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