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Better Advisor Web sites strongly correlated to efficient Wholesaler Scale.
New kasina study starts to identify the relation of Web sites to sales.

New York, (March 19, 2009) — Asset managers must find a way to distribute more cost-effectively. Due to a combination of market performance and outflows, assets under management at many firms have fallen 35% or more, and revenues have fallen in concert. The days of 30-40% margins are over, and the firms that find a way to sell by using inexpensive and scalable resources, such as the advisor Web site, to reduce their dependence on expensive wholesaling forces, will be better-positioned for profitability in coming years.

In its latest study, “Using the Web for Cost-Effective Distribution,” asset management consultant kasina found a very strong statistical correlation between the kasina Web Index (kWI) and Wholesaler scale as shown in the graph below.

kasina set out to build on its earlier findings that advisors that use a firm’s Web site sell at least 25% more than advisors that do not. In this new research, kasina dug deeper to uncover the specific sections of the advisor Web site that have the greatest impact on sales efforts. Looking at the firms that scored well, kasina identified three potential areas of highest value:

  • Interactive and comprehensive product information
  • Timely commentary and insight
  • Action-oriented business-building support

In addition to the online recommendations, this research identifies offline behaviors and actions that enhance wholesaler/advisor interactions. In today’s environment, wholesalers must maximize their time spent in truly consultative roles with the “right” advisors, and by integrating the Web site into the overall sales strategy, a firm can accomplish this goal.

“While firms are currently struggling to think of cost-effective solutions, the Web clearly needs to be an integral part of the discussion. Those who aren’t thinking about it are likely to be leaving money on the table,” says Mike Ma, Principal at kasina.

“In our research, we’ve found that most wholesaling organizations are under-utilizing the Web site, and this presents a potential low-cost, competitive advantage,” added Lindsay Geimer, Senior Consultant at kasina and lead author of the study.

Given current economic conditions and the distribution challenges our industry is facing, firms should take time now to consider how they can integrate online and offline sales efforts to increase efficiencies.

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