Canadian Mobile Advertising Upside: eMarketer

High growth, but low market share.

MARCH 13, 2009 – Mobile advertising in Canada is emerging.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB), mobile ad spending grew by 143% in 2007 with revenues reaching C$2.66 million ($2.06 million).

2008 revenues increased a projected 96% to C$5.21 million ($4.04 million).

As impressive as the growth is, perspective is needed. eMarketer estimated that $648 million was spent on US mobile ads in 2008.

The majority of mobile ad revenues came though standard SMS text message vehicles, followed by mobile content, mobile Internet display ads and mobile applications.

Like any emerging medium, mobile advertising faces hurdles that prevent wider adoption. According to an IAB survey of mobile marketers, the three most formidable challenges were low levels of advertiser understanding, small audience size and difficulty demonstrating ROI to potential advertisers.

Many of those concerns, however, lessen with more experience with the medium. Right now, mobile advertising is a very small pie

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