State Auto Fuels 70% Growth in New Business Quotes and Drives Expansion into Web Channels with a Single Rating Engine: Oracle Insurance

In 2003, State Auto set out to improve its market position and become a leading internet-based insurer. To achieve its goal, the company required the ability to provide quick and accurate rates to its agents via the AgentSite component of the State Auto Web site. State Auto deployed Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting-part of Oracle Insurance�s comprehensive suite of offerings-to provide the rating component of its AgentSite Web portal.

Leveraging a single rating engine, State Auto enabled online quoting and fueled continued corporate growth-allowing the business to grow without requiring additional staffing resources. Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting plays an integral role in State Auto�s ability to provide agents with quick and accurate rates through the Web-based portal. In April 2008, State Auto processed 75,000 new business quotes and 45,000 policy endorsements�a 70% increase in new business quotes since the previous year.

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