Off-site Receptionist/Scheduling Assistant, by Bernadette Wong, CEO, K&MSS

Off-site Receptionist/Scheduling and Follow-up Calling is the second article in this monthly series; the first outlined client calling for financial advisors to assist them with their orphan accounts. Virtual Assistants also offer phone assistance for such functions as scheduling/calendaring activities, follow-up calls with clients, and acting as a receptionist, all the while being in a different location from the client being helped.

Since Virtual Assistants only charge for the time they are actually doing the administrative tasks for a particular client, this feature can be a great benefit for many organizations. Off-loading these duties to a VA is cost effective as the client through effective time management can use the time saved for more productive activities.

For large corporations wanting to try out the virtual office environment this service would be a great stepping stone. Virtual Assistants in general are well established entrepreneurs with their own equipment (computers, internet access, phone lines, voip capabilities, printers, scanners, faxes etc). Some VA�s actually specialize in reception work/full answering service capabilities, by providing the client with a live voice service. Many VA�s have the capability and knowledge to set up individual email accounts which allow them to send emails on behalf of their clients using the client�s email address. They can also establish shared calendars using various programs such as Outlook, Google or Yahoo, three of the most common shared-calendar programs.

Follow-up calling – customer service type of calls, appointment confirmations or referral lead generation – is becoming recognized within the insurance/financial service industry as a viable way to out-source time-consuming tasks to our industry � Virtual Assistance.

(Number 2 in a series)

Bernadette Wong is President and CEO, K&MSS and is a Certified Insurance Virtual Assistant with over 20 years of administrative experience within the Corporate Head office environment of the financial services/insurance industry.

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