HCAI Remediation Update

February 3, 2009 – The Health Claims for Auto Insurance system (HCAI) is now in the remediation process. To get to this point, we consulted with both insurers and provider facilities to understand the business impacts which were experienced. A third party review was also commissioned to identify the elements which affected the behaviour of the system and these will be the focus of the remediation process.

Once remediation is complete, professional testers at IBC will carry out a series of acceptance tests on the system. Though IBC testers will provide an additional layer of quality assurance, IBC will also be seeking the participation of real HCAI users in the Health Care and Insurer communities to validate the system.

As part of the remediation process and to ensure that HCAI is re-introduced under the highest standards of quality control, third-party reviews will be performed at several points between now and re-launch of the system. Furthermore, HCAI will undergo stringent testing prior to re-launch in order to ensure that it will perform efficiently even with the highest possible volume of transactions.

The schedule at this time calls for testing to occur in the summer of 2009. Upon successful completion of the test phase, HCAI will be re-introduced as a pilot. Depending on the performance of the system in pilot, full roll-out is anticipated to occur sometime in 2010.

For insurers and/or health care facilities that require an environment for self-help or practice, such an environment will be made available well in advance of the full roll-out. This practice environment should be available sometime during the summer of 2009.

Regular updates will be provided at www.hcaiinfo.ca. Educational outreach will continue to be performed by Viivi Riis (Sr. Health Analyst) for the Health Care Industry and Allison Brand (Sr. Business Advisor) for Insurers.

We appreciate the continued patience of all stakeholders as the remediation plan is implemented.

About HCAI

Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) is an electronic system for transmitting specific Ontario auto insurance health claims forms between insurers and health care providers. It supports the need for access to timely, accurate data to monitor the auto insurance system. More information at www.hcaiinfo.ca.