Accident Support Services International Ltd. Is proud to introduce the new: CROMS: Analytics Portal

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) originators of Collision Reporting Centres and CROMS, the Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System has enhanced their suite of collision reporting and records management tools with the addition of the CROMS Analytics Portal! This exciting new portal was developed in response to meetings with member insurance companies, police and government representatives, and in response to your needs. This new tool lets Insurers and Police create ad-hoc queries on any data field on the official MTO collision report forms (401 on-scene and the 418 self report) as well as any field captured in CROMS!

The CROMS Analytics Portal is available to Member Insurers at no cost for use with their own policyholders� collisions. For a nominal fee however, they can have industry comparison results returned for the queries made. Member Insurers will get immediate value for claims management, investigations, underwriting, marketing, and a powerful strategic planning tool that provides immediate, current, and accurate results.

With the easy to use search wizard, users can create ad-hoc queries and obtain results in three easy steps. Results are available in seconds and provided in three views: 1) plotted on a Google Earth map view, 2) in a tabular view, and 3) in a graphical view.

For example, Insurers will gain insight to help manage their exposure by identifying high risk areas where a disproportionate number of collisions or injuries are occurring, and will be able to mitigate the risk factors. The Analytics Portal helps Insurers to enhance claims investigations, including identifying suspicious or fraudulent losses. Examples of just a few data search types are by tow company, collision location, location vehicle was towed to, VINs, plate, driver/owner/passenger names, injury, and impaired cases.

Data that is critical to identify trends and changes is available instantly to allow underwriting and claims departments to response to ever changing needs.

The exact collision locations are pin-pointed, using the latitude and longitude geo-coded to 14 decimal places. This are how the results are plotted on the Google Earth Map and with this tool users can zoom right down to street level!

With the Tabular View users can export the results to Excel, or drill down into the individual collision report via the provided hyper-link. The Graphical View results can be further filtered by different parameters using a drop down selection box to change the horizontal axis results. Learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know about your collisions! Repetitive searches can be saved for re-use at a later time. As always, Accident Support Services provides training and support for users at no cost.

About Accident Support Services

Accident Support Services International Ltd. is the private enterprise element of a partnership between Police, Insurance Companies and private enterprise. The company is the operator of several collision reporting centers throughout Ontario. Our primary focus is on providing superior customer service to the public while providing cost containment measures for both the Police and Insurance industries. Inherent to the program are powerful fraud deterrent measures and an efficient information flow system from the reporting centre to an insurance company�s claims office, including third party and passenger information. We offer the use of free telephones in the reporting centers we operate so that citizens reporting accidents can contact loved ones, their broker, or their insurer.