Business Success Through Insurance Data Mastery: A Whitepaper from Information Builders

Feb. 2009 — There’s an old military dictum that says, “Amateurs talk tactics, but professionals talk logistics.”

That’s true for insurance companies, too — even though the logistical efforts and supply chain are mostly informational. You still have to collect information, consolidate it, manage its quality, process it, and distribute it. Your data processes are among the most critical in your company, because every important activity — managing the business at high and low levels, setting strategy, and governance, among others — depends on data as its foundation. It’s not enough to work with your data. To be competitive, you must master it.

This white paper explores how insurance data mastery drives business success. It identifies the critical challenges and recommends a solution.

Download the whitepaper (this file is no longer available).

Author: James Barber, Insurance Solutions Manager, Information Builders

With more than 20 years of experience in executive-solution selling, Mr. Barber now leads the sales efforts of Information Builders’ most complete vertical solution. This P&C solution has seen more than 100 percent growth for each of the last three years. Mr. Barber helps North American insurers implement pre-built business intelligence and data management solutions in a way that stays focused on the business and provides real insight to executives, actuaries, underwriters, claims, and finance at the point of decision.

About Information Builders

In insurance, Information Builders has built on this track record of successful, organic technical innovation, along with more than 20 years of pre-built insurance solutions to deliver a complete insurance business data warehouse. The pre-built insurance data warehouse solution enables our customers in P&C insurance, P&C reinsurance, and workers compensation to drive success with production deliverables and business impact measured in months rather than years. For more information, visit

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