Vaisala launches the development of a reference radiosonde for climate change observations

Phoenix AZ, January 12, 2009 – Vaisala is investing in the development of an operational reference radiosonde. When complete, this instrument will provide superior-quality climatological data on the upper parts of the atmosphere, and shed light on the dynamics of climate change.

“The international scientific community has clearly expressed a need for a high-precision instrument to enable long-term research on climate change. As the global leader in environmental measurement, we feel it is our duty to respond to this need. This development project is a significant investment towards a better future � we do not expect commercial gains. Rather, the project is part of Vaisala’s Corporate Responsibility program. We are committed to supporting the research on climate change and want to provide the best possible tools for scientists,” Kjell Fors�n, Vaisala�s CEO explains.

Vaisala plans to carry out the project in close cooperation with the international scientific community. Scientific evaluation has already begun. After piloting, the instrument will be further developed according to the experiences gained. The project requires long-term work and commitment. Vaisala has a history of more than 70 years of experience in the development of operational radiosondes.

About Vaisala

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