Client Calling for Orphan Accounts, by Bernadette Wong: K&M Secretarial Services

In today’s customer-service focused environment and with compliance an ever-present task, it is increasingly important that advisors stay in continual contact with their clients. Assigning orphans and handling inherited orphan accounts presents a special case. Client calling for orphan accounts is a service which can help both the individual advisor/broker, and the large corporation on behalf of their sales force.

Virtual Assistants – more commonly referred to as VA’s are able to provide this type of a service since they are fully equipped with dedicated phone lines and office equipment. They are able to spend time calling for advisors by monitoring the receipt of mailed letters to orphan/seeded accounts and potentially scheduling appointments for them. This enables the advisor an opportunity to dedicate more time to other aspects of their selling such as:

  • Visiting clients’ face to face
  • Attending networking seminars
  • Product development meetings

Virtual Assistants being administratively inclined are detail-oriented individuals who are able to provide various administrative reports and spreadsheets that best suit the advisor�s needs.

Virtual Assistants offer a variety of services and specialities which can be found through various associations with established VA directories. The associations include:

Through these associations, advisors can request a Virtual Assistant, review and study each member VA and their specialities on the VA Directories as well as learn more about the Virtual Administrative Industry. On the flip side, by way of referrals and/or sub-contracts to other Virtual Assistants, these associations also assist VA�s to establish strong working relationships with their peers, and thus provide the best quality service to a client.

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Bernadette Wong is President and CEO, K&MSS and is a Certified Insurance Virtual Assistant with over 20 years of administrative experience within the Corporate Head office environment of the financial services/insurance industry.

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