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As an entrepreneur there is always some part of your business that you struggle with the most. For many small business owners and large corporations it seems to revolve around the administrative areas such as bookkeeping, data entry, transcription, following up with clients, s administrative work flow. That is why more and more of today’s corporate executives, sales professionals and small business entrepreneurs are discovering that a partnership with a Virtual Assistant is a key part of their success strategy.

So then, �What is The Virtual Administrative industry all about�???

It is a very young, vibrant and growing industry both on a national and international level. VA�s (as we are commonly known as) are specialized administrative assistants equipped to handle various office tasks from a remote environment who are highly trained professional assistants with many years of developed office skills and techniques as part of our foundation. This foundation allows us to listen and assist our clients in handling their administrative struggles and to remove the stress off their shoulders.

Potential clients do not need to consider issues such as office facilities, necessary training, office equipment, nor extra payroll work such as CPP, WSBI, benefits etc, as independent contractors VA’s lift this burden from their clients. While VA�s can be called upon for any length of time no matter how small or large the office task is, you pay only for the time that is acquired by the Virtual Assistant.

Most VA�s have a strong fellowship with other VA�s through various associations and networking events, constant communication for quick access to support is always readily at hand. Whether it is questions on certain software or needing or the acquiring of extra assistance with them and their clients or even referring potential clients to other VA�s who may be more qualified to assist a particular client.

At the end of day, when you have hired a VA, you will be surprised with the amount of time you now have to spend with the part of your business you enjoy the most!

Given all these facts of information, please stay tuned to K&M�s monthly series of articles starting in January which will concentrate on individual services and how each of them can step you towards time and cost efficiency and help you take your business to the next level towards greater success! For more information, visit

Written By: Bernadette M. Wong, Principal of K&M Secretarial Services