Simplifying the Insurance IT Application Landscape: Report Published by Celent

Large, global insurers are taking on the processes of core system replacement, portfolio rationalisation, and infrastructure consolidation. Simplification of the application landscape has forced many insurers to come to terms with the challenges posed by their core legacy systems.

London, United Kingdom – 28 November 2007 – Addressing the demands of customers and producers is a high priority for all insurers today. In a new report, Simplifying the Insurance Application Landscape, Celent looks at the approaches being undertaken by large insurers on both sides of the Atlantic. Insurers typically have a myriad of front and back office systems and duplicating processes to support different lines of business. This introduces significant issues relating to the flexibility of IT. It also comes at a high price.

�Simplification of the application landscape is tricky,� says Catherine Stagg-Macey, Celent senior analyst and author of the report. �It�s akin to changing the wheels on a moving train. Without taking on this challenge, however, insurers are facing the high IT costs involved in the duplication and inefficiences of these application landscapes.��

The task of simplifying the application landscape is indeed a Herculean one. Many of the large insurers in Asia, Europe, and North America have begun to take on this task. As they progress and begin to reap the benefits, it will become imperative for those left behind to tackle this challenge head on.

The 15 page report contains two tables and three figures. A table of contents is available online.

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