Make Sure Travel Insurance Plan Covers Skiing During Your Winter Vacation Abroad

People who are traveling abroad this winter should make sure that their travel insurance policy covers them while skiing abroad as many travel insurance policies do not include coverage for skiing and snowboarding.

Nov 13, 2008 – If you are traveling abroad this winter to a ski destination, make sure that you obtain a travel insurance policy that covers your skiing activities. Travel Insurance USA offers a wide range of travel insurance policies from IMG and IHI which offer skiers and snowboarder�s coverage while skiing this winter outside their country of citizenship via:

The travel insurance plans offer cover for skiing either as an optional leisure sport rider or extreme sports rider for the International Medical Group Patriot travel insurance plan. TFG Global Travel Insurance through the web site offers the IMG Patriot plan as well, but also offers the IHI travel insurance policy which includes full coverage for all hazardous sports except motocross. The policy which is offered via:

offers an unlimited policy maximum with no deductible. The plan can cover any type of skiing or snowboarding, including off-piste and helicopter skiing or snowboarding at any elevation. The travel insurance plans will not cover search and rescue, but do cover injury and sickness while skiing abroad.

Unfortunately, many travelers do not read the fine print of their travel insurance policies and do not check if the plan they purchase covers the hazardous sports activity that they are participating in. Some travelers may even ski unrepentantly while on that winter holiday and their travel cover may or may not cover skiing or snowboarding. David Tompkins, owner of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. which owns and operates Global Travel Insurance and Travel Insurance USA stated that “some will choose to save money and not take the sports rider when they purchase travel insurance for that winter sport holiday. A ski injury while abroad can lead to many thousands in medical costs that can not only ruin a holiday, but also one’s finances.”

If you are traveling abroad this winter, make sure that you purchase an emergency travel insurance plan which covers all the sports activities that you will participate in, especially if you plan to ski or snowboard.

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