World’s Only Life Insurance Policy Registry is Now Free to the Public

When a loved one passes away, many people don’t know where to turn to locate their family member’s life insurance policy., the world’s only life insurance registry, recently announced that policy holders and beneficiaries can now utilize the site free of charge to ensure their families’ inheritance.

November, 2008 – now offers their service for FREE which will greatly benefit any and all Canadian Consumers who are purchasing, or presently have Life Insurance.

Today, the world’s only life insurance policy registry – announces that their services are now free of charge to the public. The easy-to-use online registry allows members to register their life insurance company names which hold their policies so that family members can locate them quickly and securely. People generally fail to collect on life insurance policies because they either do not know which company to contact in order to claim the policy, or because they are unaware they have been named a beneficiary. This results in billions of dollars that go unclaimed; the free service by ensures that this will never happen. was designed to solve the problem of unclaimed assets by maintaining a secure registry of information about life insurance, safe deposit boxes, and other assets, and having the option of sending reminders to members and their designated beneficiaries.

‘When you die, it isn’t the responsibility of your insurance company or bank to contact your beneficiaries – and your insurance company or bank, by the way, have no way of knowing when you die, unless a beneficiary contacts them,’ notes Edmund Hartmann, President of “It’s up to you to make sure your beneficiaries know where to find your life insurance policy.” Policy holders and beneficiaries alike can be confident that no secure information is kept on the registry. Users need not enter their social insurance numbers, policy numbers, or account information.

Beneficiaries look up and locate life insurance company names of their loved ones by searching database. Policies remain secure and protected via the insurance company. However, it is the responsibility of family members to take the time to ensure their policy details are kept in a central location. Hartmann receives calls every week from people searching for their loved one’s life insurance and unfortunately we cannot assist them if their loved one is not registered with us. ‘Some people might say, I don’t need this service because my wife or husband knows where everything is,’ Hartmann says. ‘However, if they both pass in a car accident, who will know the company name then? Can it easily be found? It is too simple to forget and misplace this information.’ With this simple and free service, it only takes three minutes to register a policy and protect loved ones’ futures. No credit cards are necessary.

About is a free online registry service designed to ensure that beneficiaries receive the financial assets arranged for them. This is done by storing low-risk information like the names of insurance companies and banks at which members have policies. In addition, also offers a paid membership level that sends annual postcards and quarterly e-newsletters to members and up to two designated beneficiaries to remind them of the important information registered at Using only a member’s birth date and the last four digits of the social insurance number, beneficiaries may search to locate registered assets.