Buyer Beware! – Watch for Long Term Commitments: Warning from Code Evolution

If you are new to the market or exploring software options for the first time, choosing the right claims management system can easily become overwhelming. After a long process of reviewing various feature sets, online support options, data security and infrastructure you think you have found the perfect solution that suits your business requirements. Think again… there’s one final task left: reviewing the “fine print” in the agreement terms.

Many technology firms today that offer online file management solutions are known to lock clients into an agreement for the entire term, which in some cases can be 3 – 5 years. Theses companies do not allow you any type of flexible walk away terms. Educated buyers should always be sure to read the “fine print” before making their final technology decision. This “lock in” practice is usually a reflection of their confidence in your future satisfaction in their product.

January seems to be the month most companies decide to “make a change” in software solutions. We at Virtual Claims Adjuster believe in the freedom of choice. Our products features and support response speak for themselves; therefore we do not feel the need to lock any of our clients to us by the means of legal wording in our agreement. We believe that our client base should be maintained by the quality of our product not by hidden legal terminology.

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About Virtual Claims Adjuster

Virtual Claims Adjuster, from Code Evolution Inc., is a secure web based claims management system handling multiple lines of insurance claims. Virtual Claims Adjuster was created by professionals with real experience in the claims industry, who have dealt with the issues that insurance adjusters face from day to day. For more information, visit