SunGard’s WealthStation Integrates Financial Planning Content to Help Advisors Improve Sales and Client Relationships

Salt Lake City, UT – Oct 20, 2008 – SunGard has enhanced the financial planning content available in its WealthStation wealth management platform to help firms attract, service and grow client relationships. WealthStation has been integrated with Advisys’ Back Room Technician (BRT) to provide advisors with seamless access to content on a wide range of financial planning topics. The integration of this content, which is used to help engage and educate clients, will help customers of WealthStation build client relationships, increase sales through cross-selling, up-selling and prospecting, and improve the speed of closings on sales.

Increasingly, clients are seeking validation and a more active role in the analysis of their needs in order to make informed decisions. As a result, advisors require tools integrated with their financial planning platforms that help them communicate investment recommendations to clients by generating personalized presentations and proposals quickly, often within 15 minutes. SunGard’s WealthStation gives advisors the information they need to discuss specific subject matter effectively with clients, and generate presentations and reports that take into account the client’s current situation and financial goals.

“In an increasingly competitive wealth management industry, financial advisors need a faster and easier way to simplify complex financial planning topics for their clients in order to build relationships and increase sales,” said Blaine Maxfield, chief operating officer of SunGard’s wealth management business. “WealthStation helps to motivate clients to expand their relationships with their advisors, and provides a seamless continuum of services for advisors and their clients.”

Covering today’s most popular financial subjects and products, WealthStation’s Financial Planning module helps advisors capture current client information and create personalized, professional-quality reports and presentations on a wide range of financial planning topics. It can also help firms build their businesses by allowing advisors to use the capability as a prospecting tool by tailoring information to target certain demographic groups.

Developed using SunGard’s Common Services Architecture (CSA)*, WealthStation can be deployed to support a single process such as financial planning or as an end-to-end solution. WealthStation’s modules include client management, financial planning, investment management, asset allocation, data aggregation, trading and rebalancing, reporting, client access and compliance.

* SunGard Financial Systems is pursuing a visionary initiative to transform some of the key functionality of its core systems into components to form a new software development and on-demand delivery environment called Infinity. Infinity helps enable financial institutions to develop and deploy custom applications, integrating SunGard components with their own proprietary or third party components. Infinity uses SunGard’s Common Services Architecture (CSA), a service-oriented architecture (SOA) development framework, offering business process management (BPM) and a virtualized, software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure.

About WealthStation

SunGard’s WealthStation provides wealth managers with tools to help them acquire, service and grow their client relationships. Integrating client management, financial planning, investment management, asset allocation, data aggregation, trading, rebalancing, reporting, client access and compliance tools into a single platform, WealthStation delivers a flexible architecture to help advisors improve their productivity while providing increased service levels to their clients.

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