CDRG members are passionate about high standards

Objectively speaking it’s impossible to be an absolute expert in everything, therefore it’s in knowing what we don’t know that we actually find our expertise. Ultimately, we set out to be best in our field, and to do so continuing education is the key to enhance the quality of our service to our customers.

Although the IICRC’s relevance has been challenged, it’s mission remains to promote high ethical standards, and to advance communication, collaboration and technical proficiency within our industry. We are in the science of cleaning and restoring, this is why certifications with the IICRC help set standards for our industry to protect the consumer, industry workers and the environment.

In light of this we are pleased to announce that D&G Construction of Kapuskasing have qualified as a certified firm. Tom Hill, Executive Administrator for the IICRC has stated that D&G Construction is an example of a company who cares about their customers, their quality of work and their industry.

By administering a strict process of certification, the IICRC provides a means by which consumers can receive the highest quality of service from trained knowledgeable, professional technicians. D&G Construction has demonstrated this desire, they now join the ranks of the true professionals within the cleaning, restoration and inspection industry.


The primary missions of the Institute are to be the leading, independent, non-profit, certification and International Standard setting body within the cleaning, inspection, and restoration industry; to set and promote high ethical standards, and to advance communication, collaboration and technical proficiency.

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