Parents Should Get Student Travel Insurance For Children Going To School Overseas: TGF Global

Parents need to get travel medical insurance for their children who are going overseas to travel. International health insurance plans are another choice for students who want to be covered worldwide. Such plans are offered by Global Travel Insurance

Oct 02, 2008 – Parents who are sending their children overseas this year have been reminded by David Tompkins, President of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., to purchase travel medical insurance to cover medical expenses that might arise while studying outside of the United States. Thousands of students have either left or are leaving shortly to study overseas in Europe, South America or Asia. Other students are taking a year off to travel.

David Tompkins remarked that “unfortunately, each year we hear stories of people who have traveled overseas and experience a medical emergency that requires treatment and some parents are left with thousands of dollars in medical bills should their son or daughter not have adequate medical coverage. Getting travel insurance to cover those possible expenses is easy and can be accessed online via:

or through TFG’s other travel insurance web site at:

If your daughter or son is going to be studying overseas, one of the first things that you should arrange is getting overseas medical coverage either through a short term emergency travel medical insurance plan if they are only requiring 1 to 12 months emergency coverage and will be maintaining his or her domestic health plan. If your student is going abroad for 6 months or more, another options offered by TFG Global Travel is an international health insurance policy that will cover a person both overseas and even at home. Such an expat health plan can also cover non-emergency treatment and services, such as regular checkups and also treatment back home. Most travel insurance plans only cover medical services outside a person’s country of citizenship.

Some universities and colleges supply their own medical insurance plans, but if possible, a student should try to source an overseas health insurance plan that can suit his or her own unique needs and budget. One problem with university supplied insurance plans is that such plans usually don’t cover the student if he or she goes traveling to neighbouring countries. Another disadvantage of such plans may not cover medical treatment back in one’s home country.

Travel Insurance is another site owned by TFG Global and offers a variety of travel insurance and international medical plans for students from around the world, including students from outside of the USA who completing their studies in the United States of America. More information can be obtained via the web site at:

David Tompkins also remarked that “accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere, especially when studying abroad. No matter how careful and healthy your young student is, you should make sure you purchase travel medical insurance before they travel overseas to study.”

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