CSIOnet makes the switch to enhanced service on November 21

Users must change computer settings as upload/download system upgraded

TORONTO, September 24, 2008 – The Centre of the Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) will switch service providers for its upload/download system, CSIOnet, on Friday, November 21, 2008 to enhance its service capability. Every insurance broker, company and vendor who uses the network must change their IP address settings on that date to ensure business continues uninterrupted. The change will improve service for about 1,800 broker offices located across Canada.

“We are very excited about providing a robust network that will deliver improved services and continue to exceed members� requirements and needs,” says CSIO president Steve Kaukinen. “On November 21, users will need to make a very simple change to their computers. CSIO staff will be available to answer any questions and help implement the changes to ensure that this transition happens easily.” Instructions on making the change can be found at www.CSIO.com or by calling toll free 1-800-463-2746.

CSIOnet enables brokers, vendors and insurance companies to download and upload policy information. CSIO seeks ways to provide a competi�tive advantage for the independent broker distribution channel which have expanded with technological advances. Initially, CSIO�s programs revolved around creating and maintaining industry standard forms. With the advent of the internet and e-business, work quickly transitioned into exchanging information electronically and filling out information fields on web transaction screens.

About the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO was founded in 1981 as an association of property and casualty insurance companies and their distributing brokerages. CSIO’s central mandate is to support industry standards enabling a competitive advantage for the independent broker distribution channel. Brokers are members of CSIO through the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). CSIO provides services nationally in both official languages and has offices in Toronto and Montreal. More information at www.csio.com.