Virtual Claims Adjuster Goes Global

Sept 15 2008 – Virtual Claims Adjuster, an innovative web based claims technology firm announced today that in addition to their strong presence in North America they have now secured a solid foothold on the international markets in Europe, Asia and now Australia.

Code Evolution Inc. (developers of Virtual Claims Adjuster) have been so successful over the past 10+ years in the North American market due to their unique business approach � listening to the needs of their clients and evolving Virtual Claims Adjuster to meet their changing needs. Based on initial reaction Code Evolution expects to achieve the same success in the global market. Clients worldwide are welcoming Code Evolution�s unique business offerings to the claims management industry.

Clients using the Virtual Claims Adjusters claims management system find they excel over their competitors through their technology investment and lead their industry by providing a higher level of service through the life of the claims cycle. VCA features are designed with their clients in mind. Interface design and business functionality are always their 1st priority. The design of their interface is intuitive and simple, requiring little or no training. VCA is available anywhere worldwide via an internet connection, welcoming you to an inviting desktop like experience via the web.

Virtual Claims Adjuster is seen to be a cornerstone for businesses wishing to excel through optimizing their claims management processes� increasing organization, communication and information exchange, delivering superior service to clients, customers and adjusters worldwide.

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