Disaster Kleenup Canada Goes Green

September 2008 – Disaster Kleenup Canada Ltd. (DKC), Canada’s leading network of restoration professionals with locations in every major city from coast to coast, has taken major steps in becoming environmentally responsible.

“As leaders in the property damage restoration industry, we have taken significant steps in sourcing “Green” solutions not only for ourselves, but also for use by other restoration contractors across Canada, says Matt Johnson, CEO of DKC.”

Disaster Kleenup has tackled this challenge on many fronts:

Reducing Landfill by Restoring 80% of Damaged Contents:
Disaster Kleenup is pleased to announce that we are now able to reduce, by as much as 80%, the amount of contents damaged by fire and flood from being dumped in landfill sites. DKC is able to achieve this with the DKC Contents SolutionTM consisting of equipment and processes that restore both soft and hard contents to their pre-loss condition. Contents damaged by fire, mould, or even sewage can be cleaned using this unique technology and processes.

Cleaning Chemistry:

Over the past two years, Disaster Kleenup has worked with Rochester Midland Limited (RML) to provide an environmental solution for cleaning in the restoration industry, including treatments for fire, water, and sewage damaged structures. “We selected Rochester Midland as they are ISO 9001-2000 registered and are a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of environmentally responsible cleaning products. This is the type of company we want standing behind us when DKC is looking for innovative cleaning and restoration solutions “, says Mr. Johnson. RML manufactures many products, which are Green SealTM and/or EcoLogoTM Certified, providing further proof of RML’s focus on improving human health and the environment.

With the research complete, Rochester Midland has recently launched its Professional Restoration Series (PRS) of products, offering any restoration contractor the ability to provide an alternative to harsh chemicals. This limits liability, safeguards workers’ health and safety, and protects the environment. Mr. Johnson says: “RML’s biological products offer cleaning solutions that have not been available to us in the past. I truly believe that the PRS line of products will revolutionize the restoration industry!”

The introduction to Rochester Midland’s PRS line of products is done through a half-day training program, which carries a half credit towards I.I.C.R.C. Continuing Education Credits. It includes a briefing in regulatory changes impacting the industry plus a practical workshop for product applications. Paul Woolfrey, V.P. Distributed Products for RML says: “We are pleased to enter the restoration industry through Disaster Kleenup Canada. With a national network of distributors, we are able to service restoration contractors in every province.”


There is a high percentage of restoration work that requires paint. Once again, Disaster Kleenup chose to seek out the leader in paint technology to ensure commitment to green solutions and consistency through national distribution. ICI Paints was the overwhelming winner. ICI’s sustainability policy demonstrates true commitment: “We believe that our activities should generate economic benefits, create opportunities for an enhanced quality of life, respect the environment, and make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.” “Disaster Kleenup is confident that ICI Paints will continue to provide green solutions for us into the future.”, says Mr. Johnson.

With ICI’s Dulux product line, we are able to offer MPI Green Performance standards, qualify for LEED accredited projects and meet low VOC/odour regulations without compromise to outstanding performance and durability.

Disaster Kleenup completes over 60,000 claims per year and is able to offer green painting solutions as ICI has over 200 stores across Canada. “I believe that ICI will be able to meet any painting challenge we face, while offering environmentally responsible solutions that do not jeopardize quality”, says Mr. Johnson.

Drying Buildings:

Heat is the latest technology used for drying buildings, offering significant savings by reducing the amount of reconstruction work. In many cases, buildings can be dried with all contents in place with no carpet or drywall removal! There are many manufacturers offering a variety of technology to introduce heat to buildings. Disaster Kleenup has chosen to use the Aquadry System, which we call the DKC Dry Heat System, as it is GreenSpec listed. GreenSpec researches and lists “environmentally preferable products” for many industries. When working in a green building, GreenSpec will provide points towards LEED’s credits. Also, by saving carpet and drywall, we once again contribute to reducing landfill sites.

About Disaster Kleenup

Disaster Kleenup Canada Ltd. (DKC) is a nation-wide network of leading Property Damage Restoration Contractors servicing insurance companies and corporations since 1994. DKC Members are trained and certified to provide Emergency Response services pertaining to building damage caused by wind, fire, water and other perils, then restoring buildings to their original condition.