CAA-Quebec launches Foundation to promote road safety

QUEBEC, Sept. 8, 2008 – CAA-Quebec recently launched the CAA-Quebec Foundation, whose primary mission will be to promote greater knowledge of road safety.

“The time has come in our history that we feel is appropriate for the creation of such a foundation,” says Paul A. Pelletier, President and Chief Executive Officer of CAA-Quebec. “We strongly believe that, thanks to it, our organisation can play a bigger part in ensuring our roads are safer for everyone.” The Foundation will conduct its own research into traffic safety, in addition to promoting studies and actions from elsewhere in the world. In this way, it will serve as a resource that will complement other Quebec traffic-safety specialists and organizations.

The new Foundation will play an educational role, mainly studying little-documented issues. Priority topics will include the behaviours and attitudes of motorists and all road users, as well as the actual place that road safety holds in modern thinking. Similarly, the Foundation will examine issues such as the entire subject of young people and driving, and the aging of the population. “The Foundation ultimately hopes to make its own contribution to reducing the number and seriousness of collisions and saving lives,” concludes Pelletier.

About CAA-Quebec:
A not-for-profit organization founded in 1904, CAA-Quebec is active in the area of road safety through initiatives such as its School Safety Patrol Program, its involvement in promoting the correct use of child car safety seats, its made-to-measure defensive driving courses, and its Approved Driving Schools network. CAA-Quebec ( provides automotive, travel, residential and financial services, privileges and advantages to its more than 950,000 members. .