ICBC improves road safety in B.C. communities

August 29, 2008 (Vancouver) — Since 1989, ICBC has been partnering with municipalities and the provincial government to improve safety at high-crash locations in B.C. communities through its Road Improvement Program. With a budget of $8.6 million for 2008, ICBC expects to provide funding for 250 to 300 road improvement projects or studies across the province.

Road improvements are one of the most effective ways to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians. By making intersections and other high-crash locations safer, ICBC is helping to reduce crashes, prevent injuries, and save lives.

Projects earmarked for road improvement investments are assessed to ensure they make B.C. roads safer for all drivers and translate into lower claims costs for ICBC and its customers. The most recent independent evaluation of ICBC-funded road improvements found a four-to-one return-on-investment over two years following a project’s completion.

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