LOMA Canada Awards Assumption Life, AEGON Canada and Desjardins Financial Security for Best Practices in Learning and Development

TORONTO, June 12, 2008–LOMA Canada presented Assumption Life, AEGON Canada and Desjardins Financial Security with the 2008 National Corporate Awards for Best Practices in Learning and Development at LOMA Canada’s Annual Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today. The Awards are dedicated to the memory of Andre Mailhot, who was Vice-President and General Manager, Human Resources, Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Company.

Rachelle Gagnon, Human Resources Director of Assumption Life, Moncton, New Brunswick accepted the Award in the small company category for their new Orientation and Training program. All new full time and part time employees at all job levels start this 15 week training program their first day on the job, ensuring they are familiar with the company, the industry, their department and their role in the company.

Fiona Betivoiu, Manager, Training & Development, for AEGON Canada, Toronto, was presented the Award in the large company category for their Competency Coach program. The on-line �coach� guides employees through this original, highly interactive and engaging program which allows all employees to understand how to practice and demonstrate AEGON Canada�s nine personal leadership competencies.

A second, equally effective program was awarded in the large company category to Nicole Lortie, Senior Director, Customer Service, Individual Insurance (Quebec) for Desjardins Financial Security. Their e-learning course on the automation of address changes in WEBi was developed to teach the personnel of Financial Centers how to make accurate address changes in WEBi, consistent with Canada Post�s standards, helping to ensure that client information is as accurate as possible.

“LOMA Canada is pleased to recognize Assumption Life, AEGON Canada and Desjardins Financial Security with this important national award for their innovative employee training programs which not only ensure that employees retain key business and company information but do so in an engaging, flexible and cost effective manner,” said George Mohacsi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foresters and Chairman of the LOMA Canada Council.

Congratulations Assumption Life, AEGON Canada and Desjardins Financial Security.

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