Enhanced Self-Service Load Testing Solution from Gomez Helps Businesses Deploy Web Applications with Confidence

Reality Load XFsm Combines End-user Experience Testing with Traditional Load Testing

Lexington, Massachusetts – May 27, 2008 – Gomez, Inc., a leading provider of web experience management services, today introduced an updated version of its self-service load testing solution, Reality Load XF. Part of the Gomez® ExperienceFirst? platform, Reality Load XF combines traditional high volume web application load testing with broad geographic end-user experience testing, generating real-world, browser-driven traffic from a global network of over 40,000 locations. An on-demand, software-as-a-service solution, Reality Load XF addresses the performance challenges of today�s composite and browser-based rich Internet technologies, such as Ajax, and extends beyond traditional load testing services to reveal the impact of load on the end-user�s experience.

�Businesses today are challenged to deliver increasingly complex applications and struggle to use best practice approaches to load test across all application and infrastructure changes,� said Gartner, Inc. analyst Thomas E. Murphy. �Solutions that are flexible and provide a more realistic and cost-effective analysis of the end-user�s actual web experience will be a valuable addition to current approaches.�

For quality assurance teams, Reality Load XF augments existing internal load testing with the end-user perspective, helping to determine system capacity and address end-user experience issues before launching or changing web applications, or investing in infrastructure upgrades or third party services such as content delivery networks. For IT operations, Reality Load XF helps to quickly identify weaknesses or break points in end-user experience under real-world load conditions prior to seasonal promotions, new product introductions, or entry into new markets. Most tests can be up and running after an hour and users can view the results live in near real-time.

�At EveryScape, delivering a quality online experience is a must in our market today,� said Mok Oh, founder & CTO of EveryScape, Inc., which provides an interactive visual platform for local search by creating virtual experiences of metropolitan, suburban and rural areas. �Even in the current Internet age, risk is always introduced whenever we make changes to our product or infrastructure, or are in situations where increased traffic is expected. Being able to use Reality Load XF on-demand whenever we feel the need to assess the potential impact on our users� experiences has been a great confidence booster.�

�Today�s composite web applications are assembled in the end-user�s browser. So many elements – from browser, platform and device type, to third party content, connection speed and ISP – can affect performance,� said Imad Mouline, Gomez�s chief technology officer. �Reality Load XF provides e-commerce, IT and quality assurance teams with confidence when deploying applications and infrastructure.�

New features

Originally released in April 2007, the new version of Reality Load XF, available today in the U.S., delivers an almost 10x capacity increase.

New features include:

  • More ISPs and geographies covered,
  • Self-service test scheduling with diverse load testing profiles,
  • Live reporting to see the impact of system tuning in real-time,
  • New reports to see how load affects experience across geographies, pages and objects, and
  • Enhanced administrative features that simplify multiple testing scenarios.

Pricing and Datasheet

Reality Load XF, like all Gomez services, is sold on an annual subscription basis. A Reality Load XF datasheet can be downloaded from: http://www.gomez.com/products/reality-load-testing.php

About Gomez

Gomez, Inc. is a leading provider of web experience management services, which businesses use to test their web applications while in development and to monitor their web applications after deployment. More than 2,000 customers use Gomez�s on-demand services to improve the quality of the web experience in order to increase their revenue from web applications, reduce their operating costs, and extend their brand reputations. For more information, please visit www.gomez.com.