New Analytics Portal from Accident Support Services

Throughout the years, ASSI�s Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management has been continually evolving to meet the needs of our partners. Not only is CROMS used in our Collision Reporting Centres, it is also a Data Management and Records Management tool for Departments of Transportation, Municipalities and Police Services. The collision statistical data is electronically entered in CROMS by ASSI staff, and is available to our partners through a Web Portal. Police Services gain a valuable resource, at no cost!

The newest enhancement to CROMS is the inclusion of OLAP Cube Technology. (On-Line Analytical Processing) An OLAP cube allows fast analysis of multi-dimensional data. Users can request data from the OLAP Cube and provide two-dimensional or multi-dimensional results, through information modifications, selections, rankings, calculations, etc.

Why would Transportation Engineers, City Planners, Police Services, and Insurers want this functionality? Simple; the ability to analyze data immediately for Results Driven Road Safety and Policing! How many collisions on Main Street resulted in criminal/ traffic charges? How many were the result of an improper left hand turn? How many were rear-ended, how many side-swiped? What time of day did most accidents occur? How old were the occupants? The ability to run an up-to- date multi-dimensional report will allow Police to target problem areas with proactive enforcement, and PREVENT collisions.

To enquire how your Municipality or Law Enforcement Agency can utilize our Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System, please contact [email protected].

About Accident Support Services

Accident Support Services International Ltd. is the private enterprise element of a partnership between Police, Insurance Companies and private enterprise. The company is the operator of several collision reporting centers throughout Ontario. Our primary focus is on providing superior customer service to the public while providing cost containment measures for both the Police and Insurance industries. Inherent to the program are powerful fraud deterrent measures and an efficient information flow system from the reporting centre to an insurance company�s claims office, including third party and passenger information. We offer the use of free telephones in the reporting centers we operate so that citizens reporting accidents can contact loved ones, their broker, or their insurer.