Assurance LAWPRO partners with leading Broker to provide Québec consumers with TitlePLUS title insurance

TORONTO, May 16, 2008 – Dale Parizeau LM, a leading Québec insurance broker, and Assurance LAWPRO will be working in association to bring the TitlePLUS title insurance product to the Québec real estate marketplace.

TitlePLUS title insurance provides comprehensive title protection for consumers and their lenders when they buy property, refinance a mortgage or borrow money secured against a residential home. Partnering with Dale Parizeau LM ensures that notaries, with a mandate from clients seeking TitlePLUS title insurance coverage for their real estate transactions, can assist quickly and easily.

Notaries in Québec will be able to assist their clients obtaining TitlePLUS title insurance coverage by providing title information to Dale Parizeau at any of its five locations in Québec.

“This partnership with Dale Parizeau ensures we will have a strong local presence with a firm that reflects our emphasis on high-quality, personalized customer service and innovation,” said Kathleen Waters, President & CEO, Assurance LAWPRO. “We look forward to working with one of Québec’s oldest and most highly regarded insurance brokers to serve the needs of the Québec real estate market.”

“We at Dale Parizeau are delighted to help introduce the TitlePLUS title insurance option to the Québec real estate market,” said Jean-Francois LeBlanc, Directeur, Développement des affaires. “This innovative product enhances our ability to provide Québec consumers with a full range of leading edge insurance products and services.”

Founded in 1859, Dale Parizeau LM employs about 250 professionals to provide insurance services to more than 100,000 individuals and companies across the province. Its planned merger with Morris & Mackenzie will make the merged organization the largest privately owned independent brokerage firm in Québec, with about $200 million in written premiums and close to 400 employees.

About title insurance

TitlePLUS insurance provides consumers with compensation for losses suffered from title issues, even if they are not discovered until years after the sale is completed. Risks covered by title insurance include unpredictable or undetectable issues such as forgery, fraud, missing heirs, unregistered rights-of-way and other issues that can affect rights of ownership.

TitlePLUS insurance also protects buyers and lenders under the same policy (and for the same premium)(2). For homebuyers concerned about the increased incidence of mortgage and title frauds, the TitlePLUS program also provides fraud coverage. In addition, through the TitlePLUS OwnerEXPRESS(R) program, current home owners can secure title insurance protection against title-related risks and fraud.

TitlePLUS title insurance was developed by Assurance LAWPRO, a wholly Canadian-owned insurance company providing title insurance and professional liability insurance in the Canadian marketplace. TitlePLUS insurance is the only all-Canadian and the only Bar-related(R) title insurance product available in Canada. In 2007, the TitlePLUS program celebrated its 10th anniversary.

(1) Assurance LAWPRO is a registered name used in Québec by Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company.

(2) As with any insurance purchase, consumers should refer to the policy for full details, including actual terms and conditions. TitlePLUS insurance is underwritten by Assurance LAWPRO.

(R) TitlePLUS and OwnerEXPRESS are registered trademarks of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company.

(R) BAR-RELATED Mark is a registered Mark of North American Bar Related Title Insurers and is used by Assurance LAWPRO under license.

(TM) Trademark of Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company.