Remarks by Superintendent Julie Dickson OSFI to the Langdon Hall Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Forum

May, 2008 – At the Forum held on Thursday May 22, 2008, OSFI Superintendent Julie Dickson reviewed OSFI’s views on what they consider to be the important issues, and provided some insight into the areas in which they are concentrating their efforts.

The topics included:

  • a comment on 2007 results
  • automobile developments
  • other lines
  • assessment of Q1 2008
  • current state of the P&C Industry
  • the “safety and soundness” business
  • Policy Issues

“2008 is turning out to be a challenging year for many of the companies in the property and casualty insurance industry, but, working together, we can all help ensure that we are building an industry in which Canadians can continue to place their trust.”

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