Aviva Canada on a Mission to “Change Insurance” in Canada

TORONTO, April 15 2008 – Aviva Canada Inc., Canada’s second largest home, auto and business insurance group, is on a mission to change insurance in Canada. In-depth market analysis and research shows that Canadians are frustrated by the current state of the insurance industry, and Aviva is committed to earning consumers’ trust through a series of unique initiatives and offerings.

The company has recently launched a bold new brand positioning and integrated marketing initiative aimed at improving the way Canadians perceive, value and trust their insurance providers. The unique, straightforward and honest communication program is based on their new consumer promise – “Let’s Change Insurance”.

“Extensive research shows there is a need for change in the insurance industry,” says Paul Fletcher, Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Aviva Canada Inc. “Our investigations told us consumers feel disconnected, and distrustful of insurance. While they think insurance protection is important, they also see it as a necessary evil that treats people as a risk or liability rather than the valued customers they really are. Aviva strongly believes this needs to change and we’re beginning an exciting journey to change the way Canadians view insurance.”

Aviva Opens Up to Canadians

The first step in this journey is a fully integrated marketing communications program designed to open up real dialogue with Canadians. Aviva has just launched its first advertising campaign, created by TAXI Toronto, that will reach out to consumers at every touchpoint, using TV, print, online banners, radio and out of home billboards to spread Aviva’s message of change.

The ads are highlighted by a self-deprecating tone and honest depictions of Canadian attitudes towards the insurance industry, along with Aviva’s call for change. “The challenge is to get frustrated consumers to absorb our message, then consider our positive go-forward opportunity,” says Mr. Fletcher. “So we wanted to fully recognize consumers’ underlying frustration with the current state of the industry to prove we are listening to them. Then, we offer a taste of how we are going to change insurance with new and improved services.”

A key element of the program is a dedicated web site, changeinsurance.ca, that engages Canadians in conversation. When visiting the site, consumers can take an “insurance frustration quiz” and also tell Aviva what they really think of insurance and how it can improve.

“The overall tone and nature of this initiative is a real change for the industry,” says Mr. Fletcher. “It demonstrates our personality: warm, honest, empathetic and collaborative – everything Canadians are asking insurance to be.”

Walking the Walk

“We’re in this for the long haul,” continues Mr. Fletcher. “We see this process as a marathon, not a sprint and we have created a long-term vision to regain the trust of Canadians.”

Admitting that Canadians have been alienated and recognizing that change is required is a significant advancement. But it is just the beginning of Aviva’s change process. Aviva is undertaking a number of operational changes to serve consumers better and lay the groundwork for bigger and better things to come.

End-to-End Money Back Guarantee

Aviva’s most recent customer service solution is a national money back Claims Service Satisfaction Guarantee. Aviva is the first and only company in Canada to offer an end-to-end money back guarantee. “If an Aviva customer is not satisfied with the service they receive during the entire claims process, we will give them a cheque equal to the value of their premium,” explains Mr. Fletcher. “We are guaranteeing our whole service process, not just how quickly we answer the phone or how quickly we return a call.

“Plain and simple, we want to raise the bar to ensure the best customer service possible with each and every claim by setting clear expectations up-front. If we fail to deliver, then the customer deserves their money back.” In 2006, Aviva became the first insurance provider in Canada to reward responsible drivers in response to Canadians’ call for customized and value-added insurance programming with the launch of Autograph. Autograph offers lower premiums to drivers who use their vehicles in ways that lower the risk of collision and incidents. Drivers who use their vehicles at safer times of the day – outside of rush hour for instance, or drive fewer kilometers than the industry average, or drive at lower speed will all be rewarded with lower premiums.

“Quite simply, we needed to find a way to change our service options to meet the needs of occasional and safe drivers,” says Mr. Fletcher. “The Autograph program, the first of its kind in Canada, is further proof of our commitment to change and creating innovative, new products and services for our valued customers.”

The Company now also operates a 24/7 claims line to ensure fast, reliable and personal service. When making a claim, Aviva customers are given a single point of contact, in French or English, to make the process as streamlined and easy as possible. Claims professionals are available to all Aviva customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week no matter where they are in North America.

“Canadians have called for change,” concludes Mr. Fletcher. “We’ve heard them loud and clear. It’s time to change insurance and Aviva is committed to do just that in partnership with Canadians.”

About Aviva Canada Inc.

Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada, providing home, automobile and business insurance to more than three million customers. Our group of companies has more than 3,200 employees, 40 locations and more than 3,000 independent broker partners. Aviva Canada Inc.’s products and services are delivered across the country through its operating entities: Aviva Pilot; Aviva Traders; Aviva Elite; Aviva Scottish & York; Aviva Insurance Company of Canada; and S&Y Insurance Company.

Aviva Canada Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, the world’s fifth largest insurance group. Please visit our web site at avivacanada.com or share your thoughts on insurance at changeinsurance.ca.