The Chicago conservation center and Xactware give Claims Professionals direct access to art restoration services

OREM, Utah, April 14, 2008 – When valuable works of art are involved in a loss, every minute counts. To help save these valuable minutes, Xactware and The Chicago Conservation Center recently announced a new partnership to streamline workflows. Claims professionals who use Xactware tools can now electronically send assignments directly to The Chicago Conservation Center.

The Chicago Conservation Center offers a wide variety of services including the conservation of paintings, works of art on paper, photography, textiles, murals, furniture, frames, and other decorative objects. When an assignment is received, The Chicago Conservation Center can immediately coordinate efforts to mitigate damage and develop a customized treatment plan.

�Never assume an item is a loss,� says Heather Becker, President and CEO of The Chicago Conservation Center. �A professional conservation expert can often save art that may look irreparable to others.� The Chicago Conservation Center is the largest private art conservation facility in the United States and has successfully preserved art damaged by smoke, fire, water, and mold. �The Center’s art restoration services average a 60-80% cost savings, when comparing the cost of restoration to art values,� said Becker.

�When valuable art is involved in a disaster, saving and preserving these irreplaceable works is a top priority,� said Jim Loveland, Xactware�s president and CEO. �With the ability to send direct assignments to The Chicago Conservation Center, restoration professionals can immediately initiate the important steps needed to save the art.�

Restoration professionals who encounter damaged art as they inspect damaged structures, can quickly choose The Chicago Conservation Center from a dropdown list and immediately send the assignment while on the job site.

�Xactware tools allow us to get electronic assignments seconds after they are sent,� said Becker. �We�re notified wherever we are, any time of the day, every day of the year.� The assignment files can include photos and other detailed information about the art that will help conservation experts immediately begin the process of stabilizing and restoring the art. Conservation estimates can be electronically returned to the assignment senders via Xactware�s real time network.

Quick access to The Chicago Conservation Center gives restoration professionals another important option to help them preserve, repair, and restore damaged property.

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About The Chicago Conservation Center

As one of the nation�s leading private art restoration and conservation laboratories, The Chicago Conservation Center has cared for fine art from some of the country’s most prestigious museums, galleries, corporations and private collections. The Center is the largest facility of its kind in the nation.

The Center was founded over twenty-four years ago and has grown to include forty conservators, artisans, and administrators trained from around the world. The Center provides treatments that satisfy the criteria of discerning collectors, entrepreneurs, and institutions.
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About Xactware

Xactware Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ISO specializing in the property insurance, remodeling and restoration industries. Xactware�s technology tools include software estimating programs for PCs and tablet PCs, as well as powerful online systems for replacement-cost calculations, estimate tracking and data trending in real time.

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