New Eastbridge Report Examines Voluntary Marketing Practices

AVON, CONNECTICUT, USA (April 10, 2008) – Marketing plays a key role in a company�s success. In general, it involves all those activities associated with identifying the particular wants and needs of a target market of customers, and then going about satisfying those customers better than the competitors. This involves doing market research on customers, analyzing their needs, and then making strategic decisions about product design, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

The objective of Eastbridge�s latest report, Voluntary Marketing Practices 2008, is to address how the marketing practices of voluntary carriers (in all the areas mentioned above) compare to one another. The report addresses questions such as:

  • How are marketing departments structured?
  • What types of marketing plans are developed?
  • What are the branding strategies? Does the voluntary business have a separate brand or logo?
  • What type of marketing is done for each audience?
  • What types of programs work and don�t work?
  • What type of research is done?

The report gathers data from 22 voluntary carriers. It is the second of the Marketing Practices studies conducted by Eastbridge. The first was conducted in 2001. Where appropriate, the latest study draw comparisons to the findings from the 2001 report.

The report is available for sale for just $3,000. For more information, contact Eastbridge at [email protected] om or phone the company at (860) 676-9633.

Eastbridge Consulting Group, Inc. is a marketing advisory firm serving insurance and financial services organizations in the United States and Canada.