Advisors Look To Dealers To Provide Best-Of-Breed Tools To Power Their Practice in Competitive Market: Univeris

WORLDSOURCE to Provide 500 Advisors with Industry’s Most Efficient Technology for Client Portfolio Reviews

TORONTO, April 2, 2008 – �We�re pleased to announce that Worldsource Financial Management Inc. is our first client to offer our latest tool for comprehensive portfolio analysis called PortfolioINSIGHTS™ to over 500 of their financial advisors,� said Richard Binnendyk, EVP and VP, Client Services at Univeris. �Traditionally, advisors would provide thorough portfolio reviews for only some of their clients because it is a very time-consuming activity. With PortfolioINSIGHTS we have created a tool that is integrated directly into the Univeris EWMS* wealth platform so that all calculations are performed instantly.� Added Binnendyk, �Now Worldsource advisors can provide this expanded service to any clients who want this level of in-depth analysis.�

Worldsource�s Vice President of Advisor Relations, Michael Theodor said, �We�re in a competitive marketplace to recruit and retain the best advisors and, in turn, advisors are competing to keep clients. We have to think and act strategically to enable our advisors to profitably build their businesses.�

Added Theodor, �We know PortfolioINSIGHTS is a real time saver and easy to use as we�ve had some of our advisors preview the tool. This will clearly set our advisors apart when meeting with clients by providing a comprehensive analysis of a client�s portfolio. Also, this analysis will help the advisor to deepen the client relationship and build their role as �the trusted advisor� by providing the information to support investment and portfolio recommendations.�

As the charter client for Univeris PortfolioINSIGHTS, Worldsource piloted this new tool with a select group of their advisors before introducing it across the country. Frank Miemiec, Branch Manager, Page & Associates, Worldsource Financial Management Inc., said �Those of us who have tried this new tool find it�s easy to navigate and that it contains all the information we need. There is no need to waste time going from one program to another or entering data as it�s already [contained in the EWMS] platform. Also, clients can see the big picture and as much detail as they want in their portfolio from asset allocation, risk versus return and graphs comparing rates of return.� Added Miemiec, �I know that over time this will definitely help us in client retention and also gaining referrals from our clients.�

PortfolioINSIGHTS is offered on the Univeris EWMS* wealth platform and is available Summer 2008.

*EWMS � Enterprise Wealth Management System

About PortfolioINSIGHTS

PortfolioINSIGHTS is fully integrated into the Univeris Enterprise Wealth Management System (EWMS) platform allowing advisors and their assistants to perform sophisticated portfolio analysis at the click of a mouse, without needing any additional software or data entry. Also, by linking this portfolio analysis to the book-of-record, advisors can analyze how their client�s asset allocation has changed over time. This wealth of information can then either be shared with clients, or used to validate investment recommendations. With easy access to a sophisticated level of information, advisors are now able to provide more value-added service to a broader base of their clients.

About Univeris

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