RBC Insurance – A Secure Financial Product for an Uncertain Time

Segregated Funds Offer Control and Personal Choice – with Guarantees

April, 2008 – With an uncertain economic outlook clouding the future and causing anxiety among investors, many Canadians are looking for simple and stable investment options as part of their financial plan.

While some people may consider mutual funds or savings products as an alternative, many may not be aware of insurance options, such as segregated funds, that provide investors with a way of directly participating in the market.

Segregated funds, also known as Guaranteed Investment Funds, are designed to provide the growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of principal guarantees. They give conservative investors a protected way of entering the financial market while providing maturity or death benefit guarantees. Unlike other principal protected investment vehicles, the money is not locked in and can be withdrawn or moved during the term of the contract.

“Unpredictable markets can quickly deplete your investment portfolio, but segregated funds provide you with downside protection in a volatile market,” says Tony Bagnato, vice president, Wealth Management, with the life insurance division of RBC Insurance. “Segregated funds further allow you to participate in the market giving you the opportunity to realize significant gains during an economic boom.”

According to Canada’s Urban Futures Institute, almost ten million Canadians are between the ages of 40 and 59. With such a large group approaching the age of retirement, the need for secure financial products is greater than ever.

“Many Canadians start to look for stable and tax-efficient financial products as they grow older and begin to plan for retirement,” added Bagnato. “Principal guarantees provide clients with a level of comfort and peace of mind.”

RBC Insurance segregated funds feature a simplified design with 14 leading funds and 4 portfolios selected from the proven fund line-up of RBC Asset Management Inc.

For more information about RBC Insurance Guaranteed Investment Funds, please contact RBC Life Insurance Company at 1-800-991-0707 or call your insurance advisor.

About RBC Insurance

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