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Thursday, 27 March 2008 – The Voice Of Your Customer (VOYC) is a highly reliable and documented method for understanding what is in and on the mind of customers. VOYC measures the effectiveness of telephone communications and its influence on the customer relationships, satisfaction levels, retention and ability to up-sell.

VOYC is used to gain insights into specific types of customers that have sales and service interaction with telephone centers. The customer types are:

  • Investors and shareholders
  • Advisors
  • Corporate and institutional clients
  • Retirement Plan Participants

VOYC produces four types of results that are extracted from telephone conversations with customers through a proprietary computer-based analysis. These results are:

  • VOYC Satisfaction Index: Reports on the relationship with customers and identifies factors that improve and those that injure customer satisfaction.
  • In/On Customer�s Mind: Reports on what customers are discussing, what they are asking for and the issues that concern them.
  • Standard Close: Involves the use of a question at the end of each conversation that elicits an opinion from the customer (such as replacing �Is there anything else I can do for you today?� with �Was I able to meet your expectations?�). These responses are coded, analyzed and reported.
  • Queries-On-Demand: These answer very specific questions that are asked by telephone reps and/or automated systems to obtain critical answers that are needed immediately.

Since VOYC reflects actual customer behaviour, it is needed to adjust standards used for training and monitoring. Results identify which standard practices are effective, which are ineffective and which new practices should be adopted as standards.

For additional information on this new and exciting product launched by DALBAR please contact Jody Bullen at 416-777-1103 x225.

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