LIMRA and SOA Release New Study Providing Detailed Lapse Experience For Individual Life Insurance

WINDSOR, Conn., March 18, 2008 – LIMRA International, in collaboration with the Society of Actuaries (SOA), released the results from its new persistency study, which provides comprehensive, detailed lapse information for individual life insurance products.

With 43 individual life insurance writers contributing-more than triple the number contributing to LIMRA’s 2001 study — this report provides new information on post level premium period lapse rates. In addition to the full report, results are available in an Excel spreadsheet to allow for increased analysis of lapse experience.

“This report is a clear indication that the industry is willing to cooperate in providing experience data to support a principles-based reserving system,” said Marianne Purushotham, LIMRA research actuary. “LIMRA and the SOA continue to work closely with insurers to ensure the consistency and accuracy of this data while maintaining strict confidentiality standards.”

The U.S. Individual Life Persistency Update represents information gathered from experience years 2003 and 2004.

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