SGI introduces online vehicle history search service

SGI is making it easier than ever for customers to find helpful information about used vehicles.

February, 2008 – SGI has introduced a free online Saskatchewan Damage Claims History Search, which gives customers the ability to check a vehicle’s history of damage claims in the province since Jan.1, 1998, as well as its most recent Saskatchewan registration expiry date and if it has been given a status such as rebuilt, stolen, non-repairable or a total loss. To perform the search, a customer simply needs the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which can be found on both the vehicle and the registration certificate.

“Purchasing a vehicle is a significant financial commitment, whether it’s new or used,” Minister of Crown Corporations Ken Cheveldayoff says. “SGI is pleased to offer customers this convenient service to provide greater access to information and help them make informed decisions when purchasing a used vehicle.”

This new service supplements SGI’s existing Cross-Canada VIN Search, which, for a fee of $10, provides information, including whether a vehicle was registered elsewhere in Canada, if it can be registered in Saskatchewan, whether any inspections are needed, if Saskatchewan PST is payable, and if it has been given a status such as rebuilt, stolen, non-repairable, or a total loss. A Saskatchewan Damage Claims History Search will also be provided with the results. The cross-Canada search is not available online.

The Saskatchewan Damage Claims History Search can be accessed through SGI’s website,, or from motor licence issuer websites under Online Services. Request forms for the Cross-Canada VIN Search are also available for downloading.

For more information on both the online and the Cross-Canada VIN Search, please contact SGI at 1-877-641-6555.